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Process & Capabilities

Over the years, the team at Alritaj Herbs has placed a special importance on maintaining and improving our strong processing capabilities. We take pride in our ability to produce quality products efficiently. Our R&D team is continuously searching for new ways to improve our methods of production with new machinery and techniques.

Our processing line is fully equipped to handle: herbs, spices, dehydrated vegetables and essential oils. Machine dehydration is achieved with our 5 level belt dryer, our bin dryer or one of 3 shield dryers with a daily capacity 30-40 Tons of fresh product. Sun dried method is available in a well-controlled area avoiding any environmental contaminants. Our gravity cleaner and cylinder indenter ensure the product is delivered without impurities. We further prepare products by grading, sorting, milling, sieving, blending and packaging for our partners.


Essential Oil extraction is done with steam distillation methodology with a daily input capacity of +12 Tons. Each batch is analyzed in our laboratory which is equipped with: HP Agilent Gas Chromatography,incubators, microbiology lab, & a chemical lab.
Through a strong network established through years of operations, Alritaj Herbs is able to provide a wide variety of products & services from Egypt for our partners abroad.
Since our inception, we have been supplying bulk and private label goods to traders, exporters and partners around the Globe. We are happy to demonstrate our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance by maintaining various certifications with regular audits.